Dec 18, 2009

Some words about Copenhagen and our future

Many times we have heard how willingly are politicians to fight climate change, fight corruption, fight poverty and hunger, and every other social problem they can think of. They call for news conferences wearing nice outfit and being well shaved, there are also ones, who summons meetings to talk about the changes and path corrections that need to be taken in order to achieve society objectives.

But, how many times have they actually done something about it? Doing the aftermath we find few cases of politician that honor their words and stick to their principles. So I ask, should we believe all the accomplishments made at the Climate change summit? If so, are those the changes needed to prevent any further deterioration of our planet?

We could spend hours complaining about the lack of commitment of our representatives to our future. But quoting Jefferson, the problem is not about what they can do for us; it’s about what we can do for our planet! We are in a crossroad in Earth’s life, that path we take today will determine Earth’s fate as well as ours.

Let politicians do what they do best: talk, argue, ‘commit’, sign treaties, send envoys and stuff. If we value not only our lives per se, but the people in it and enjoy those family trips, the freshness of the air at dawn, the possibility to take a calm sunbath, the variety of animals in the forests and seas. We can no longer afford to blame them. We can’t.

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